Go. See. Do.

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    Things to do in Walnut Creek and Lamorinda

    Just try and find a weekend around here where there’s nothing to do. We dare you. (Hint: there’s always something going on). Here’s a few ideas to get you started…


    Walnut Creek on Ice. Take lessons, have a party, bring the kids. Even if you’re a terrible skater, it’s all good. Walnut Creek on ice is located right down Walnut Creek at Civic Park.


    Beat those winter blahs and get your creative juices flowing. Also wine. Canvas and Cabernet is a great idea for date night. Plus, you can keep coming back as they change their painting schedule all the time.

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    The Lindsay Wildlife Museum is a favorite in the Moran house. We use it as a nice way to cap off a trip to Larkey Park. The museum is also part animal hospital too. Don’t forget to say hi to Lord Richard on your way in (Lord Richard is a turkey vulture, FYI)

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    Get your fresh fruits and veggies at the downtown Walnut Creek farmers market. There’s bands, street food and of course lots of local produce. Located on Locust Street just north of Civic.

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    Run, walk or fish! The Lafayette Reservoir is a daily habit for lots of people. It’s a great place to bring the dog or the kids. At three miles around, it’s the perfect length for a quick workout.


    Speaking of places to take the kids, the Moran kids go nuts for the Heather Farm all abilities playground. We think it’s like a small town to them since there’s so much stuff to do. If your days on the monkey bars are behind you, may we suggest a trip over to the Gardens at Heather Farm? Roses as big as your fist.

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    Is it hot enough for ya? Well bring plenty of sunscreen and aqua when you head out to Shell Ridge Open space. So named for the shells which once (and sometimes still do) dot the hillsides here, Shell Ridge is one of the best open spaces you’ll find in the area.

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    Did you know that on most first Wednesday’s of the month, they close off a few streets in downtown Walnut Creek for bands, booze and food trucks? Well now you do. It’s called First Wednesdays and it’s awesome. The perfect way to get over the hump.

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    Have you had your fill of eating and drinking on local streets (that have been closed off temporarily)? No? Great. Cause it’s time for the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival. One of the biggest yearly events for Lafayette, it’s got local restaurants, businesses, performances, art and yes, wine.


    Our tour of outdoor eating and drinking festivals is almost over and we saved one of the best for last. Walnut Creek’s Oktoberfest was a huge hit in 2015 so expect it to stick around for many years to come. Polka bands, lederhosen, brats and beers. Show me a better way to kill a Saturday.

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    If you live in the area, there’s a good chance you’ve driven by the Ruth Bancroft Gardens a million times, but have you ever stopped? Shame on you. It’s really cool. Lots of exotic plants and guides who can tell you what you’re looking at (and why it’s interesting).

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    Catch one of the darlings of the NCAA in action in sleepy Moraga. The Saint Mary’s Gaels men’s basketball team plays a handful of home games every month. It’s a great atmosphere to catch a game.